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  Sandy River & Rangeley Lakes Railroad

 The Sandy River and Rangeley Lakes Railroad (SR&RLR) was a narrow gauge common carrier railroad that operated approximately 112 miles of 2 ft (610 mm) gauge railroad in Franklin County, Maine.

  The SR&RLR was formed by a series of mergers between 1908 and 1911 of a number of existing narrow gauge lines located around Farmington in Franklin County. The lines that formed the SR&RLR were the Sandy River Railroad, the Franklin and Megantic Railway, the Kingfield and Dead River Railroad, the Phillips and Rangeley Railroad, the Madrid Railroad and the Eustis Railroad.

 In the late 1920s competition from roads began to impact the SR&RLR. By 1934 all lines beyond Perham Junction were removed. The entire network was closed and the remaining lines lifted in 1935.

Model of SR&RL Railroad Model T Ford Maintainance Railcar

Model of SR&RL Railroad Pulpwood Car No. 274


Model of SR&RL Railroad Boxcar No. 74

Model of SR&RL Railroad Combine No. 11


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